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Join the waitlist today for a new marketing platform where you simply list your local promotions and then allow your local community to do the rest.

Local marketing is made easy because you don't pay per click or per impression. Marketing here is free, upgrade only if you need premium and unlimited features.


For small-and-medium businesses (SMBs) local businesses


per physical location

1-9 locations

30 day free


For larger local businesses or those looking for additional service and support


per physical location

10-49 locations

30 day free


For the largest local businesses or those that want next-level service and support

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30 day free

50+ locations

30 day free

Free Premium Enterprise

Post local promotions for free and your local community will do the rest

Upgrade to get unlimited promotions and up to 100 photos posted

Upgrade to get unlimited promotions, photos and customer support

Prices & Packages
$49/month per location
$199/month per location

1 promotion a month



Promotions are key to boosting customer loyalty and sales. Run a local promotion and unleash the power of friends telling friends.

1 photo for your

free business listing

100 photos
Add photos to help entice and attract customers to visit your local store - add more photos and attract more customers.
Customer Loyalty Card

LIST your business or franchise for free and get a new loyalty card that is designed for a generation that is social, local and mobile first.

The ability for a customer to add your loyalty card to their TADA Local Wallet by simply following you.
LIST Your Business

Access to our proprietary LIST framework which provides your business with the ability to LIST your business for FREE in our location-based business directory.
QR Code

A QR Code unique to each store or location that can be used to reward your customers for referred sales.

Access to an insights dashboard that provides you with real-time analytics and data that helps you to make better decisions about your local marketing campaigns.
Enterprise Administration

The ability to administer and manage multiple loyalty cards from a single account.
24/7 Support

Round the clock (24/7) support for all of your loyalty cards.
Designated Customer Success Team

Tailored support with a designated account and customer success team

How TADA works?

Step 1:


After you receive your invitation, download the TADA Local mobile app and list your business and local promotion for FREE.

Step 2:


Inform your most loyal customers (your brand ambassadors) that you will reward them for referred sales.

Step 3:


Stand back and let your customers do the selling. Each local community upvotes the best local promotions.

Step 4:


You can choose to reward referrals that lead to a transaction with a simple QR code scan.