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Join the waitlist today for a new and innovative platform that brings the gig economy to customer loyalty programs.

Upgrade to a premium membership and your local business or franchise will get unlimited features and premium exposure with a new customer loyalty program that allows you to "tap a button and reward your customers."


For small-and-medium businesses (SMBs) local businesses


per physical location

1-9 locations

30 day free


For larger local businesses or those looking for additional service and support


per physical location

10-49 locations

30 day free


For the largest local businesses or those that want next-level service and support

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30 day free

50+ locations

30 day free


Get a new loyalty card designed specifically for the gig economy


per physical location


Our Free service includes the following:

Customer Loyalty Card (a loyalty card that's designed for the gig economy)

Wallet (ability for a customer to add your card to their TADA Local Wallet by simply following you)

Business Listing Service (BLS) (a free listing with a description of your business in our location-based business directory)

QR Code (a unique QR Code associated with your local business that can be used to reward referrals, provide discounts, and award points)

No Upfront Cost or Development (your gig economy loyalty program is plug-and-play)

Promotions (1 promo a month)

Photo (1 photo about your business that will appear in the BLS)


For any local business (large or small) looking to boost customer loyalty and sales


per physical location


Includes everything in Free, and:

Promotions (unlimited promotions)

Photos (unlimited photos)

Net Promoter Sales (ability to manage and track at the transaction level sales from referrals)

Tap and Go advertising (ability to reward your customers and their referred friends with a simple QR Code scan)

Premium Exposure (placement of your new loyalty card across the TADA Local network that increases exposure and the ability to track more referrals)


For national brands that want to manage local branches and receive extra support

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Ability to manage multiple loyalty cards

Includes everything in 
Premium, and:

Enterprise Administration (ability to manage multiple Customer Loyalty Cards from a single corporate account)

99.99 Uptime (around-the-clock teamwork and assistance with 99.99% guaranteed uptime for your Business Listing)

24/7 Support (24/7 support with a one-hour response time)

Designated Customer Success Team (tailored support with a designated account and customer success team)

How TADA works?

Step 1:

Download the TADA Local app

Once you receive the email link, download the TADA Local app in Apple’s App Store or Google's Play Store

Step 2:

Get an unlimited membership

Sign-up for a paid membership and get unlimited features and premium exposure

Step 3:

Tell your customers about the program

Drive traffic to your business by telling your customers about your new customer loyalty program for referrals

Step 4:

Generate sales with your new card

Your new "gig economy" loyalty card will help you boost customer loyalty and grow local sales