TADA Local

Our Mission

Our Mission

Make local marketing easy for any local business (regardless of their size) with Customer Marketing.

Customer Marketing is marketing where the marketer (the local brand) and the consumer (the local brand’s customer) collaborate — the marketer helps the consumer to buy and the consumer helps the marketer to sell.

The future of advertising is no advertising at all

Local brands are essential to our society’s growth and prosperity. However, local marketing is often too complex and/or too expensive to be useful to most local brands.


TADA Local is a Marketing Tech (or MarTech) startup that has reimagined word-of-mouth marketing in a way that will transform local marketing for brick-and-mortar brands by making it exponentially simpler and cheaper to acquire new customers by marketing to (and collaborating with) existing customers.


A world with a wealth of information has created a society with a poverty of attention, so the only way to get through to people is through the people they know and trust.


For thousands of years, we shared what we loved with people we knew by word of mouth. Our brains are wired to trust people we know — not advertising. Advertising was a hack, a detour.


Word-of-mouth is how we all learned about new things – we are simply coming full circle with Customer Marketing.


Pay to Reach New Customers and Feel Good About It

It’s hard to feel good about paying to reach new customers with advertising because you never know if you’re going to make money or lose money with any given ad campaign — you pay for exposure NOT sales.


In contrast, it’s easy to feel good about paying to reach new customers on TADA Local because our word-of-mouth platform allows you to run multiple promotions, including promotions where you can reward your customers for sales delivered — referred sales.


Most importantly, we have baked social good into the core of our business model. Every reward dollar you pay on TADA Local gets reinvested in your local community because you’re paying your customers who live, work, shop and play in your local community to market your business NOT some platform.

Join the Local Giveback Movement

With each ad dollar you pay on TADA Local, your business is giving back to your local community. Pay for advertising and feel good about it.