TADA Local

Our Mission

Our Mission

Make the power of a Fortune 500 customer loyalty program accessible to any local business, regardless of their size.

Bringing the gig economy to customer loyalty programs

In the U.S. alone, companies spend a staggering $2 billion annually to run their own loyalty programs. However, despite the amount spent annually, it’s hard to acquire new customers with them.


TADA Local offers Fortune 500 technology to local businesses and franchises but with a gig economy business model. We make customer acquisition easy because our customer loyalty network provides your business or franchise with the tools to reward your existing customers when they refer new customers to you. Most customer loyalty programs ask the wrong question. They ask . . . “how can I get my customers to spend more?” instead of asking . . . “how can I get my customers to refer more?”


Why are referrals so important to the success of your business? The lifetime revenue stream from a loyal pizza eater can be $8,000, a car owner $332,000, and a corporate purchaser of commercial aircraft, literally, billions of dollars (all due largely to the fact their loyal customers are promoters).


Pay for Advertising and Feel Good About It

It’s hard to feel good about traditional advertising because you never know if you’re go to make money or lose money with any given ad campaign — you pay for impressions, clicks, etc. NOT sales.


In contrast, it’s easy to feel good about paying for advertising on TADA Local because you’re paying your customers for sales delivered.


Most importantly, we have baked social good into the core of our business model. Every reward dollar you pay on TADA Local gets reinvested in your local community because you’re paying your customers who live, work, shop and play in your local community to advertise NOT some platform (including our own).

Join the Local Giveback Movement

With each ad dollar you pay on TADA Local, your business is giving back to your local community. Pay for advertising and feel good about it.