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TADA Local is available as a closed beta (i.e., access is by invitation only to no more than 1,000 US local businesses and their most loyal customers).


TADA Local is like Groupon meets Uber and differs from Groupon in 2 key areas:


1. You Pay Your Customers NOT Groupon: You pay your customers NOT Groupon when a sale is made via the TADA Local app – we simply facilitate the payment to your customers like Uber facilitates payment to its drivers.


2. You Decide the Commission: Groupon typically charges a 50% commission for every item sold; in contrast, with TADA Local, you decide the commission or discount you pay your customers for the sale.


Your local business or franchise can run the same promotions you run on Groupon EXCEPT you can save money and boost customer loyalty by simply rewarding your customers for referred sales.

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"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

- Victor Hugo