TADA Local

How to use
the TADA app​

Customer acquisition made easy with a new solution that brings the gig economy to customer loyalty programs.

TADA Local is first and foremost a customer loyalty network that provides your business with the ability to reward customers for referred sales — a new type of paid advertising where you pay your customers in your local community NOT some platform located outside of your local community.
As a result, don’t forget one of the biggest rules of any rewards or loyalty program: If customers don’t know about it, they won’t use it.
  1.  Your customers are going to want to know “What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?” Tell them you’re participating in a new effort that gives you the ability to show your appreciation for their support by rewarding them for referred sales.
  2. Tell your customers that the future of advertising is peer-to-peer (customer-to-customer) and that your local business or franchise is helping to accelerate the adoption of this new type of paid advertising.
  3. Make sure to have in-store signage displayed prominently — especially at the point of sale (POS). Your messaging should let your customers know that you now have an easy way to reward them for referred sales.
  4. Include mention of your new loyalty program that rewards referred sales on your website and provide customers a way for downloading the app that enables this new capability (the TADA Local app which is available on Apple and Android).
  5.  If you interact with customers on the phone, make sure your employees are able to explain your new loyalty program to your customers and to remind them to keep using it to earn rewards for referred sales.

If you’re ready to join the movement of rewarding your customers for referred sales, then here’s how the app works, step by step:

Step 1

Your local business signs up for a new solution that brings the gig economy to customer loyalty programs

Your local business wants to boost customer loyalty and grow sales, so your business joins a network that provides you with the tools to reward your customers for referred sales.

  • TADA Local is free forever. However, we also offer a premium membership, that provides unlimited features and premium exposure.
  • Your business announces a “Refer a Friend” promotion where you will reward referrals that lead to sale.

Step 2

A loyal customer opens the app
and discovers your "Refer a Friend"

Your customer opens the TADA Local app to discover what’s happening nearby and sees your  “Refer a Friend” promotion so they share it with their network.

Step 3

The nearby user visits your local
business and displays your "Refer a Friend" promotion

A friend of your loyal customer learns of your brand and/or your promotion from their friend and decides to visit your local business.

Step 4

The nearby user makes a purchase and receives their promotion at the POS

The friend makes a purchase from your business and then presents a QR Code that you scan at the Point of Scale (POS) with the TADA Local app. TADA Local facilitates the reward (e.g., discount, free product, cash) to your loyal customer and their friend for the lead that resulted in a sale for your local business or franchise.