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Break through the noise with Customer Marketing

Every local business owner or manager is also another business’ consumer.


As consumers, we are exposed to new information at an exponential rate, so there must be a better way to get your message through the noise – and that better way is Customer Marketing (where we turn to people we know to help us decide).

Where people market to each other

Marketing Begins With Incentives

With Customer Marketing, every local brand (marketer) can offer their own customers incentives (or rewards) for volunteering.


The incentive you offer to your customers can range from information, to entertainment, to discounts, to outright payment for referrals that lead to a sale.


With Customer Marketing, you can turn strangers into friends, friends into customers and customers into advocates.

Marketing Begins At Home

Marketing begins at home . . . with your customers NOT someone else’s customers.


LIST your business for FREE on TADA Local and boost customer loyalty and sales by rewarding existing customers when they talk about you with their friends.


Search Marketing

You pay a search engine to market to their customers.

Social Marketing

You pay a social network to market to their customers.

Influencer Marketing

You pay an influencer to market to their followers.

Customer Marketing

You pay existing customers to market to people they know.

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