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Marketing that interrupts the attention of
someone else's customers.


Marketing that interrupts the attention of
someone else's customers.


Marketing that interrupts the attention of
someone else's customers.


Marketing that interrupts the attention of
someone else's customers.


Marketing that interrupts the attention of
someone else's customers.



Marketing that builds on the trust of
your own CUSTOMERS.

Our mission is to make local marketing easy for any local business with permission marketing not interruption marketing . . . #NoAdvertising.

Forget Everything You Know About Advertising

Customer Marketing is the Future


The future of advertising is no advertising at all.  The future is Customer Marketing because people don’t like to be interrupted and don’t trust advertising . . . people trust other people.


The problem with advertising or traditional marketing is that 99% of the time it’s ignored because it’s not marketing that has our permission — it’s marketing that interrupts us.


In social settings, we hate it when other people interrupt our conversations, and research has shown that we also hate it when marketers do it.


Instead, the future belongs to marketers who don’t interrupt people, but get permission BEFORE they market to people and then allow interested people to market to each other.


Customer Marketing is simply the return to what we’ve done since the beginning of time (talk about and share useful information with each other) EXCEPT updated for the digital age.

Customer Marketing

Where people market to each other

When brands get out of the way and let people market to each other, amazing things can happen.

Did you know?

A loyal pizza customer can generate $8,000 in sales, a loyal car customer $332,000, and a loyal purchaser of commercial aircraft, literally, billions of dollars.*


It’s not because the customer spends $8,000, $332,000 or billions — it’s their friends’ spend.

* As reported by Harvard Business School professors (Leonard A. Schlesinger, Gary W. Loveman et al) in theirAugust 2008 Harvard Business Review article, “Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work.”

What's different about TADA Local?



Your customers don't need to see a review on Yelp or Google – they already know and love you. They just need to see your promotions.



Your customers simply tap a button and get a chance to earn a little extra on the side for supporting your business.



Each local community upvotes the best promotions that help people to Live, Work, Shop and Play Better Locally.



We are hardwired to trust other people – it's the reason why we jump into cars with strangers or stay in strangers' homes.



We’ve seen the future of advertising because we built it – it's Customer Marketing On Demand.

Ready to turn your customers
into your best growth channel?

Join the waitlist for our closed beta (limited to 1,000 U.S. local businesses and franchises).

Do you know a local business that might benefit from this new marketing approach?

Earn up to $100 for successfully referring TADA to a business in your local community.

4 reasons why Customer Marketing will help grow your local sales

You scale your business by scaling word of mouth:

Your most loyal customers are your most profitable customers because they refer you to their friends and family - it's not about what they spend, it's about who they refer.

You reward your customers with a simple scan:

We give you the ability to reward your customers for word of mouth referrals as easy and simple as paying your Uber driver. Referral incentives are a great way to turn happy customers into advocates.


Your customers will love it:

Your customers earn cash, discounts, points, status and influence when they share what they love with the people they love. Your most loyal customers are already doing it. We simply built a simple and easy way for you to show your appreciation.

It's a Win-Win:

It's a win-win for your brand . . . you get the sale and your customers get rewarded. Customer-to-customer referrals for local businesses are the future of local advertising.

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.".

- Victor Hugo